Dr. Harris is a Nationally recognized Psychologist and Expert Speaker with extensive Media experience.

Addictive Behavior Psychologist

Dr. Stratyner who has offices on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and in Scarsdale in Westchester County is also a Clinical Associate Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, Co-Chairperson and Board Member of the Medical and Scientific subcommittee of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, and is the New York Regional Vice President of the Caron Treatment Center. He is a contributing author to the PDR Guide to Pediatric & Adolescent Mental Health.

Dr. Stratyner frequently shares his expertise on national television including CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS and was listed in the Castle Connolly almanac as one of the leading specialists in the field of psychology.


For private consultation with Dr. Stratyner, call (610) 743-6190.

For interviews with Dr. Stratyner contact Fred Yaeger (914) 525-9198.

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Dr. Harris’ Expertise

From the moment I wrote my doctoral dissertation, I have never stopped writing and focusing on motivational psychology. Understanding how an individual evolves from a state of denial to maintaining their motivation to accomplish a task fascinates me, and I have dedicated my professional career to helping people learn how to accomplish and maintain their […]

I have had my own radio show on AM 1230 – WFAS, for over twenty-four years. I have also been interviewed by every major television network, as well as many international publications, and international social media outlets. I always love to be able to be afforded the opportunity to educate the public on some psychological […]

My entire professional career has been dedicated to addiction. Many people consider it my specialty, and as I noted under the section of my method of “carefrontation,” I approach each individual without shaming or blaming, but with respect and understanding, while reinforcing personal responsibility. There are so many types of addiction: alcohol and drugs, gambling, […]

I was one of the first clinicians in the State of New York that recognized the phenomenon of co-occurring disorders. When I started one of the first programs for patients with psychiatric dissorders and addictive disorders, we referred to the phenomenon as MICA – Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser. As my career went on to become […]

As a motivational counseling doctor of psychology, I have worked for over thirty-two years with some of this country’s top professional athletes to assures that they are able to build and maintain their motivational skills to achieve the performance that is expected from those paid at the top of their respective sport. My cognitive behavioral tools […]

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    Psychologist Harris B. Stratyner, Ph.D., Concludes “Here’s to your Good Health” Radio Program on WFAS Radio after Twenty-Eight Years

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    I am known for a form of addiction and co-occurring psychology know as “carefrontation.” You see many years ago I found that “in your face” therapy does not work! People can have addictions or psychiatric disorders and addictions, but they still have a right to respect — both are diseases and accusations have no room […]