Alexandra Stratyner Ph.D interviewed on Fios1 TV News Westchester Interview on Vegas mass shooting.  

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses how to talk to your kids about the Las Vegas shooting event with WLNY News.

It’s important to understand that you can’t treat addiction in isolation,” says Dr. Harris Stratyner, Ph.D, of Caron Treatment Centers. “Co-occurring behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety and pain are among many others that need to be addressed in order to create a successful recovery plan.” He disputes western culture’s long-held perception that those who […]

Dr Alexandra Stratyner talks with WNYW Fix Channel 5 News about a city council bill to place overdose kits in schools in response to rising drug overdoses among teens.  

Dr Harris Stratyner discuss Binge Drinking and this growing public health crisis with WNYW Fox Channel 5 News.

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses the importance of mental health days and taking time to care for your mental health.

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses parents kissing children on the lips after a photo of David Beckham kissing his 5 year old daughter goes viral.

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses new Netflix TVC series sparks controversy over potential glamorous depiction of teen suicide.

Fidget Toys

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses fidget toys and the impact they have on focus and relaxation.

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses marijuana use with WNYW Fox Channel 5 News.