Teens and e-Cigarettes

Dr Stratyner discusses the growing problem of teens and e-cigarettes (vaping) and the potential health impacts of nicotine addiction for the rest of their lives.

New Report Finds Americans Not Happy

Dr Alexandria Stratyner discusses the US drop to Number 19 on the UN’s World Happiness Report.

Overdoses with Medical Marijuana Edibles

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses overdoses with medical Marijuana edibles with FOX Channel 5 News.

Yonkers Man accused of attacking an elderly homeless woman

Dr Alexandria Stratyner discusses a brutal attack of an elderly homeless woman on a train and the apparent inaction of other passengers.

Opiods epidemic linked to major uptick in fatal crashes

Jussie Smollett Back on Set

Dr Alexandra Stratyner discusses the Jussie Smollet fake hate crime controversy with WCBS Channel 2 news.

New APA Guidelines for Male Psychology

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses the new APA guidelines for male psychology with Fios1.

Inbox Zero

Dr Harris Stratyner shares his advise on achieving Inbox Zero with Madison Malone Kircher at Medium: https://medium.com/s/story/get-to-inbox-zero-even-if-youre-terrible-at-email-b7ff21ee5fbf    

Drinking and Blackouts

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses drinking and blackout with Fox Channel 5 news.

Gamer, Psychologist talk about gaming addiction

Sherri Smith, Editor of Tom’s Guide/LapTop Magazine was joined by addiction psychologist Dr. Alexandra Stratyner discuss gaming addiction and the recent shooting at a gaming conference.