New York Times Magazine: Generation Adderall (Psychologist Harris Stratyner Ph.D. – Quoted)

Harris Stratyner, a psychologist and addiction specialist at the Caron Treatment Center in Manhattan, told me that each year he’s in practice, he sees more people desperate to get off Adderall. Stratyner estimates that he has treated more than 50 patients trying to stop using the drug; currently, they range in age from 24 to […]

Dr Stratyner Interviewed on Leonard Lopate Show on the topic of Long-Term Effects of Adderall

Psychologist Harris Stratyner Ph.D. interviewed on the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC Radio on the topic of, ‘Looking at the Long-Term Effects of Adderall.’ Listen to the full interview here:  

Long-Term Effects of Adderall on The Laura Ingraham Show

Video Shaming of Drug Addicted Parents

FOX 5 News – Dr. Stratyner discusses video shaming in the wake of parents on heroin overdosing in front of their children.

Psychopathic Bosses

Dr Stratyner discusses a study that suggests that many high level executives in the business world possess traits of a psychopath.

New Terror Alert in NYC

Dr Stratyner discusses New Terror Alert Due to Explosion in Chelsea NYC

New Terror Targets

Dr Stratyner discusses new terror targets with WNBC Channel 4 News.


Dr Stratyner discusses Opioid addiction and how to combat the Opioid epidemic the US is now facing.

Doc Gooden Addiction Drug Spiral

Dr Stratyner discusses addiction and Doc Gooden’s recent drug spiral.

FitBit Cheating

Dr Stratyner discusses FitBit cheating and it’s implications for Users and the Health Care System.