Color & Moods

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses the emotional impact that colors have on our moods with WCBS Channel 2 News.

Daily Voice Leaders: Dr. Harris Stratyner, Addictive Behavior Psychologist – Scarsdale Daily Voice

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. — Addiction, be it to pain killers, heroin, or marijuana is on the rise in Westchester County and throughout the country. Dr. Harris Stratyner, an addictive behavior psychologist hopes to solve the problem by removing the stigma of addiction and treating it for what it is: an illness. Read more via Daily […]

‘There is No Room for Stigma’ in Addiction Treatment

How a prominent clinician developed “Carefrontation” in his work with patients. Dr. Harris Stratyner Photo via Dr. Harris Stratyner, PhD is a licensed ​psychologist and an internationally recognized expert on addiction, with a particular specialty in co-occurring disorders. He is the Vice President and New York Regional Clinical Director of Caron Treatment Center and Clinical […]

“Woof!” said the shrink’s assistant, an English bulldog – LoHud

Sometimes she’ll snore when you’re talking. Once in a while she’ll lick your face. But Gertrude will never suggest you’re a narcissist or point out your obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Gertrude, an English bulldog, loves you just the way you are. “She accepts everyone,” said psychologist Harris Stratyner of the 8-year-old dog who accompanies him to therapy […]

Power Posing

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses Power Posing with WCBS Channel 2 News in new York.  


Dr Harris Straytner discusses Nomophobia or addiction to smart phones with WPIX Channel 11 News.

“Drynuary” Alcohol-Free January

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses the practice of “Drynuary”, abstaining from Alcohol in the month of January.  

iPhone Dependency

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses smart phone dependency and it’s effect on our cognitive abilities with CBS News in New York.

Online Threats and Social Media

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses Online Threats made on social media and when they should be taken seriously.

Sony Email Hacking

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses the hacking of Sony servers and the release of damaging emails.