“Drynuary” Alcohol-Free January

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses the practice of “Drynuary”, abstaining from Alcohol in the month of January.  

iPhone Dependency

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses smart phone dependency and it’s effect on our cognitive abilities with CBS News in New York.

Online Threats and Social Media

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses Online Threats made on social media and when they should be taken seriously.

Sony Email Hacking

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses the hacking of Sony servers and the release of damaging emails.  

Holiday Party Strategies

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses strategies for responsible drinking during the holidays.  

Near Death Experiences

Dr Harris Stratyner speaks to WCBS Channel 2 News about extraordinary near death experiences.  

Adam Lanza’s Mental Health Record

Dr Harris Stratyner speaks to WLNY News about Adam Lanza’s mental health record.    

New Marijuana Policy in NYC

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses new marijuana policy in New York City on Good Day NY, Fox Channel 5.  

Ebola: Perspective urged as Lower Hudson Valley fear factor grows

Psychologist Harris Stratyner said the fear of Ebola especially is very real in the general population — and has increased to such an extent that he’s coined the term “Ebola Anxiety Syndrome.” “People are starting to get frightened, and their imaginations are telling them that maybe ISIS is putting biological warfare out there, and maybe […]


Featured in WAG

Neuroscience is having another big moment. Not a day goes by that there isn’t an article about the neurological applications of, well, almost anything. There’s the neuroscience of racism in the aftermath of Ferguson. (Supposedly, we’re hardwired for prejudice but can overcome it.) And the neuroscience of stress and success. (We can use our minds […]