Binge Drinking is a Public Health Crisis

Dr Harris Stratyner discuss Binge Drinking and this growing public health crisis with WNYW Fox Channel 5 News.

Teen Suicide

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses new Netflix TVC series sparks controversy over potential glamorous depiction of teen suicide.

Fidget Toys

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses fidget toys and the impact they have on focus and relaxation.

Marijuana Use

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses marijuana use with WNYW Fox Channel 5 News.

Sugar Addiction

Dr Harris Stratyner discusses sugar addiction with WNYW Fox Channel 5 News.


Dr Harris Stratyner discusses extreme anonymous social media confessions with CBS Channel 2 News.

Substance Abuse

Dr Stratyner discusses drug and alcohol addictions that are sweeping the country and urges the need for change in dealing with this crisis.

Video Shaming of Drug Addicted Parents

FOX 5 News – Dr. Stratyner discusses video shaming in the wake of parents on heroin overdosing in front of their children.

Psychopathic Bosses

Dr Stratyner discusses a study that suggests that many high level executives in the business world possess traits of a psychopath.

New Terror Alert in NYC

Dr Stratyner discusses New Terror Alert Due to Explosion in Chelsea NYC