Counseling Psychologist

As a Counseling Psychologist, Dr. Harris Stratyner has helped hundreds of patients to understand and overcome their dependencies, addictions and other unhealthy behaviors.

He specializes in treating addictions of all kinds including co-dependency, sexual compulsion, gambling and alcohol/ drug dependence as well as emerging behavioral addictions such as video gaming, shopping, exercise, overeating and internet use compulsions.

Dr. Stratyner developed the technique “Carefrontation,” which is a treatment approach for addicted individuals and people with co-occurring disorders that advocates for treating every patient with respect and dignity–no shaming or blaming–but does hold people responsible for dealing with one’s own addiction or mental health condition. Carefrontation offers a more compassionate route to healing addiction and restoring health to the patient and their family.

“Many people who have psychiatric illnesses cannot tolerate a strong confrontational approach,” Dr. Stratyner says. “Instead, we need to treat these people with dignity and respect, while still holding that person accountable and responsible for dealing with their treatment issues.” Carefrontation combines the latest motivational engagement techniques with an environment that fosters the dignity and respect that are the foundation for self-esteem, communication and healing. This technique allows patients to acknowledge that they own their illness and must take steps to responsibly deal with its ramifications.


For private consultation with Dr. Stratyner, call (610) 743-6190.

For interviews with Dr. Stratyner contact Fred Yaeger (914) 525-9198.


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