What is caring?

I am known for a form of addiction and co-occurring psychology know as “carefrontation.” You see many years ago I found that “in your face” therapy does not work! People can have addictions or psychiatric disorders and addictions, but they still have a right to respect — both are diseases and accusations have no room in treatment, when trying to help people. It is called treatment not confrontation.

So “carefrontation” states that individuals must be treated with no shame or blame — treated with respect and dignity, but because they may have serious diseases, held responsible for dealing with them.

You see “in your face” therapy simply raises defense mechanisms – it makes individuals feel threatened and that does not allow for therapeutic alliance.

If one is gentle and caring and helps the patient become ready to change, safe enough to take the risk to change, and feel empowered – has a sense of what Rotter called “internal locus of control,” then there is fertile ground for recovery.

Caring goes a long way. Try it. Oh, but remember then must come the individual’s realization that they have responsibility over their disease! Don’t let your angst over your patient’s illness or illnesses result in raising their angst! We are all just human beings – whether there is a “Dr.” In front of your name, initials after or neither!